This week market has only three trading days

HSI to concentrate on the time of high, see nine and a half years high. Amid the Mid-Autumn Festival, the outer securities exchange made great, driving Hong Kong stocks opened 247 focuses higher yesterday morning, revealed 28626 focuses, breaking the Hong Kong securities exchange in 2015 high 28588 focuses,

however it is the day high, Yao City increases limited to close at 28458 focuses, up 78 indicates; H alludes 61 focuses higher, detailed 11,459 focuses; turnover of 102.2 billion yuan. Hong Kong stocks through the reviving of the following week, North water reviews, specialists, trust that the city will keep on slowing dairy animals state, purchase merchandise will be more specific.

This week hong kong stocks up and downs, This week market has only three trading days,  where the Hang Seng Index rose touched 903 points, the country that also rose 549 points.

(005) fell 0.6% against the market, reported at 77.35 yuan, up to 0.75%, reported 352 yuan;

HSBC (005) against the market fell 0.6 percent, reported 77.35 yuan.

Due to some automobiles stocks market gain strength and continued strong.

Automobiles Stocks Top Gainers

Geely Automobile (175) rose 5.6%

Guangzhou Automobile (2238) rose 3.9%

BYD (1211) rose 2%.

The first policy address will be focused on tax cuts and property supply measures. (1113) rose 0.3%, the new land (016) fell 0.4%, agricultural land to the higher Henderson (012) did not rise or fall.

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