Hong Kong's Best IPO in 10 Years

The story of Top IPO of Hong Kong Stock Market. Wu Wenhui, co-CEO of China Literature, has said that the firm will develop films, television, games and other entertainment products. They said, 'We want to be a Chinese version of miracles.'
The country's largest online publication and e-book website China Literature has fixed the price of its initial public offering at the top end of the price limit, as investors have changed their shares more than 600 times in the hope of purchasing as much as possible. Was there. In other Internet stars like your parents, Tencent Holdings
The shares of China Literature will begin on Wednesday for HK $ 55 each for the first time in Hong Kong, which is priced at HK. At $ 8.3 billion (US $ 1.06 billion), this year it will sell the city's second-largest stock by an internet company this year. Investors deposited bids to buy 9.48 billion shares or 625 times more than the company's offer.
This means that after 2008 HK $ 535 billion of Chinese railway construction, the IPO has the second largest HK in the history of Hong Kong IPO. Investors of $ 520 billion have closed in the capital.

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