Hard Beginning of the Week for Hong Kong Stock Trader

After nearly nine years of the unbearable global stock market rally - the major concern is what will be the next step of the market? For the small investor who had turbulent time after the 2008  market crash again got warned by market advisors play a safe game to avoid future danger as the market rally is in its final step.

hang seng index chart

Global bubbles may be about to burst Central Bank of North America and Europe, which sailed in zero interest rates and after 2008, the quantitative easing to overcome the risk of global Armageddon, now they take their feet by accelerating Are trying to The markets are increasing again in uncertainty.

Hong Kong landslide barrier research helped with HK$33.5 million to save citizens from extreme weather conditions

Under the leadership of the Civil Engineer of Hong Kong, researchers are hoping to create the world's first standardized system for the constraints of cost and effective landslides, which can be located in Beijing's "Belt and Road Initiative", where such incidents often are there.
Many flexible obstacles are less expensive, lightweight, cost-effective and easily built and can be installed between mountain passes and gauges.

The five main projects of the Belt and Road Initiative Image Source: scmp.com

According to Professor Cui Peng of the Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences, most of the area of the Mountain Hazards and Environment Institute, a team researcher, "Silk Road Economic Belt" suffers from geographical threats. The percentage of GDP has been lost in natural disasters in these countries, which is twice the world average.
If they successfully implemented the structure the proposed idea. Hong Kong can save millions of dollars and this will affect GDP growth of Hong Kong.

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