Fined For Softening Directions over Exchanging Up Some Chinese and Hong Kong Stocks

Legal counselors for a Chinese broker fined for showcase control, and for Hong Kong's market controller, displayed their contentions on Wednesday on the primary day of a legal audit brought by the merchant, who is looking for a refutation of a portion of the proof for the situation. 

Tang Hanbo, a Chinese native living in Hong Kong, was fined 1.2 billion yuan (US$174 million) a year ago by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) for breaking securities runs over exchanging various Shanghai-recorded stocks and in two Hong Kong-recorded firms – Heng Xin China Holdings and Tian Ge Interactive Holdings, amid August 2015 and June 2016. 

Tang is trying to have to confirm gathered by Hong Kong's controller, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), which helped its territory Chinese partner in the examination, pronouncing it invalid in light of the fact that it was gotten amid an unlawful pursuit of his home. 

In the Hong Kong High Court on Wednesday, Tang's attorney Edward Chan told directing judge Mr. Justice Anthony Chan that the SFC had connected for a warrant to look through Tang's home in Sha Tin to gather confirm concerning his managing in two Hong Kong stocks. 

However, indeed, the legal advisor stated, the SFC had passed data in Tang's PC and cell phone to the CSRC under a notice of comprehension inside the guidelines of the Stock Connect plot that connections Hong Kong and terrain Chinese financial specialists. 

He told the court that when the SFC connected for the warrant to a judge, it didn't state that any data would be passed to the CSRC, so the data it passed on ought to be precluded as confirmation. 

Benjamin Yu, for the SFC, said the CSRC made a composed demand to the SFC about the examination on Tang. The two controllers had talked about the case in their consistent gatherings and the CSRC had verbally asked for that the SFC help to gather data in the event that it looked through Tang's home or office.

Note: The hearing proceeds. 

Yu said that the Stock Connect understanding plainly expresses that the SFC and CSRC can trade investigative data or set up teams for cross-outskirt examinations, so any exchange of data between the two controllers is legitimate. 


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