Chinese Online Major Tencent Holdings Posted At The Record Level

Hong Kong shares have declined by the decade of the decade as well as the high decade
AAC Technologies also touches new all-time records, which has increased by the record values of apple stock overnight in the US, thanks to the prediction of the strong demand for its new iPhone X

Hong Kong shares reached a fresh 10-year high of close to lunch yesterday because Chinese online major Tencent Holdings posted at the record level, and after tech and energy shares after a significant gain.

The Hang Seng Index operates at a high level of 28,960.31 at a time, it is the best since December 2007. It was 28, 9 43.64, 1.2 percent or 346.84 points, with the closure of the middle session.

Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, which is known as the H-stock index, also rose 1.2 percent to 11,663.07. Half-day turnover of HK $ 63 billion
Tencent's record is HK $ 389.6, its fifth consecutive day is of new peaks. With the increase of 3.1% in the afternoon at stock HK $ 388.8, Hong Kong contributed 103 points for profit.

Tencent 's China Literature Unit, the largest online publication and e-book website of the mainland, which was announced on that day when H.K. At the top end of the expected limit of $ 55, its HK $ 8.3 billion IPO was priced. It is expected to start the business on Wednesday, it has HK Over 520 billion investors have closed in the capital, which is the second largest in the history of Hong Kong.

AAC Technologies, an acoustics component supplier for Apple's iPhone, has launched H.K. Touched its highest level of $ 15.9.9, in America, increased its record value for Apple stock, and predicted its new iPhone X's strong demand.
AAC, which is expected to announce results at the end of this week, from lunch break, H.K. On Monday it increased by more than 10%.

The Chinese car manufacturer, the Geely automobile, was at the top of blue-chip stocks, up 4.4 percent to HK. At $ 25.85 The company announced its October sales increase by 30 percent, while in the first 10 months of 2017, total sales increased by 72 percent.
In other market movers, energy stocks Sinopec, PetroChina and offshore oil producer CNOOC received 3.8%, 2.2% and 1.5% respectively in order to trade at HK $ 5.95, HK $ 5.56 and HK $ 11.18, respectively.

From Monday, July 2015, oil prices have reached the highest level because the Prince of Saudi Arabia continues to strengthen the base of power in the state with ongoing corruption and unexpected action. The news had inspired concerns that Middle East money could be pulled out of the global financial markets.

The biggest property developer of the mainland, China EverGrande, sells the stake in Hengda real estate unit, after rising 60 billion yuan, up 5.3% to HK. In the sale of the third-share sale by the developer this year, the total amount of 12.55 billion yuan was increased.


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