What Is M-Marketpicks?

M-Marketpicks is a stock signal provider for companies listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We use latest tools and technology like Metatrader to analyze and track the stock performance in order to generate live signals for investors interested in HKEX stock markets investment.

How M-marketpicks works?

M-Marketpicks has a large collage of software, technical and fundamental researchers that makes a club of technology and personal. Using this asset, we analyze the previous and current market situations, other factors that affect stock market in order to share latest stock picks for tomorrow, which brings profitable stock investment returns.

How traders and investors grow their wealth with us?

Once we share HKEX stock recommendations with traders and investors, they make an informed decision to invest in stocks suggested by experienced research analysts of M-market picks.

How do we help reduce risk?

When you get daily live signals, you also get stock trading advices with it. Following it you can easily make huge returns from investing in HSI and HKEX stock markets. In addition, our technical team is always there to guide you on your every move. So worry less invest more!

What does investors need to do?

Investors need to sign in with M-marketpicks for desired service offerings and just invest in stocks by following our stock picks. No need to follow markets, keep researching or worry. M-marketpicks is there to do all this for you.

What if investors have already invested in poor performing HKEX stocks before hiring us?

No need to worry, M-Marketpicks will provide stock market recommendation for those stocks with exit call signals, we will also suggest how, and when to do averaging in orders so that investors minimize the overall loss. So stop worrying and simply rely on stock advices from M-marketpicks.

What services we provide?

Everything a stock market trader looks for is available under one roof. We offer stock market picks and signals services like:

  •   Intraday Blue-Chip Stock Picks
  •   Intraday Red-Chip Stock Picks
  •   Intraday H-Share Picks
  •   Intraday Penny Stock Picks
  •   Intraday Hsi Index Future Signal
  •   Intraday Hscie Index Future Signal
  •   Intraday Hscci Index Future Signal
  •   Intraday Stock Picks – SGX
  •   Positional Blue-Chip Stock Picks
  •   Positional Red-Chip Stock Picks
  •   Positional H-Share Picks
  •   Positional Penny Stock Picks
  •   Positional Stock Picks – SGX
  •   CFD Trading Signal – SGX


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